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Flinders University enjoys a well-justified reputation for its excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement. Since being established in 1966, Flinders has achieved much of which we can be very proud—in innovative research, in high quality teaching and in community engagement. We have attracted students from over 100 countries and our alumni have built careers and lives that enrich communities across Australia and throughout the world. Flinders’ achievements are underpinned by the network of strong external links that we have developed with our stakeholders and with the communities we serve. We commit to being a university that is outwardly engaged, continuing to build the supportive and valued relationships which will be vital for the future. In 1966, Flinders had 90 staff and 400 students enrolled in less than 10 courses. By 2012, Flinders had around 2,200 staff, 21,500 students (including over 3,600 international students from nearly 100 countries), almost 350 courses, and over 60,000 Alumni. Quickly, Flinders became a strong research performer in Australia relative to its size.


An undergraduate degree is your first degree or diploma, and may include Honours. Honours is a fourth year of study that continues from a three-year undergraduate degree. It’s a one-year specialisation related to your undergraduate study. There are two ways of doing an Honours degree; an extra year after completing your Bachelor degree, or direct entry into a four-year combined bachelor and honours degree. Honours is a qualification that demonstrates your capacity to undertake study at an advanced level in your area. It will help you progress to doing a research higher degree and help your chances of getting a research higher degree scholarship. Even if you’re not interested in further study, an Honours degree will help your job prospects.


If you want to further your career or want a completely different career, we have a range of postgraduate courses to help you realise your full potential. Postgraduate coursework will lead you to graduate entry bachelor degrees, masters degrees, doctorates, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and professional entry nursing courses. You can study your postgraduate degree full-time or part-time to fit in with your other commitments. We also offer some courses externally for even more flexibility.

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