Kadir Has University


Kadir Has University is the place where history and contemporary Istanbul life is blended to create a perfect academic atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Istanbul, out main Cibali campus stands on the crossroads of old and new city, only a few minutes away both from the historical Sultanahmet Square and Taksim- the famous Istanbul’s center of culture, entertainment, business, and shopping. The central location of the university offers an important opportunity for our students to stay connected to the beaming life of Istanbul.

Why choose Kadir Has University?

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Economics, Adminstrator. and Social Science
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Communications
Faculty of Art and Design

Our students
To help our students become global citizens we:
  • Use English language medium of education;
  • Implement international standards of quality education;
  • Attract faculty members from internationally respected universities;
  • Offer our students exchange opportunities with prominent foreign universities
  • Give them an option to obtain both Turkish and foreign degrees though our dual degree programs.
  • Foster our students to freely express their opinions and produce creative ideas;
  • Focus on positive human relations and a democratic environment for intellectual discussion
  • Give students access to our advanced technological facilities and intellectual resources;
  • Encourage students’ participation in social responsibility projects that contribute to the environment and to society, and motivate them to be responsible citizens.

Our ultimate goal is to see our graduates as successful scholars and fulfilled individuals, and true leaders of our society.


Kadir Has University offers limited number of dormitory accommodation for international students. Kadir Has Residence Hall consist of two separate female and male dormitories. Female dormitory is located in a walking distance from the main campus. Male dormitory is located on the other side of Halic, within 15 min. university shuttle ride.

Student dormitories feature semi private bathrooms, laundry rooms, cable TV and 24 hour internet access and mini kitchens equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and kettles. Standard room is furnished with bookshelves, single or bunker beds, chairs and private cupboards.

The Kadir Has Main Campus is aptly situated on the Golden Horn, the cultural heart of historic Istanbul. Since it is in the center of the city, it is easily reachable by public transportation. There are many small apartments, dormitories affiliated with the university, hotels and small apartments nearby, where students may easily find lodging in accordance with their needs and budgets.

The International Collaboration and Education Office will guide the students in finding an appropriate accommodation.


KHAS has an extensive scholarship program to support well-qualified international students in their studies at KHAS. 25% to 50% tuition reduction scholarships are available for undergraduate studies. 25%, 50% tuition reduction and full tuition-waiver scholarships are available for post-graduate studies. Every international student application for a KHAS academic program is evaluated for a scholarship. No separate scholarship application is necessary. Tuition reduction scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. High international or national examination scores and graduation grades are taken into consideration. Tuition reduction scholarships, once awarded upon admission, are applicable for all years of study until graduation.

FACULTIES Annual fee
Engineering and Natural Sciences 13.000 USD
Economics and Adm. Sciences 13.000 USD
Law 13. 000 USD
Communications 13.000 USD
Art and Design 13.000 USD
School of Applied Sciences 8.500 USD
English Language Prep. Program 13.000 USD
Post-Graduate Masters* 9.000 USD
Doctorate Programs** 18.000 USD
* Payment in 2 semesters
** Payment in 3 semesters
  • Kadir Has University – Cibali Campus
  • Kadir Has University – Selimpaşa Campus
  • Kadir Has University – Bahçelievler Campus

What can be better than taking a break from your classes and starching your legs in the on-campus gym?  Here, on Cibali campus students can spend their free time playing on basketball court or taking a small tournament on the mini football field. Those who are interested in a real work out can practice in the fitness center or indoor sports center.

  • Badminton (female-male)
  • Basketball (male)
  • Football (male)
  • Wrestling (male)
  • Handball (male)
  • Karate (male)
  • Skiing and Snowboarding (female-male)
  • Rowing (female-male)
  • Table tennis (female-male)
  • Archery
  • Chess (female-male)
  • Tennis (female-male)
  • Volleyball (female-male)
  • Sailing (female-male)

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