University College Dublin


The university originates in a body founded in 1854 as the Catholic University of Ireland with John Henry Newman as the first rector, re-formed in 1880 and chartered in its own right in 1908. The Universities Act, 1997 renamed the constituent university as the “National University of Ireland, Dublin”, and a ministerial order of 1998 renamed the institution as “University College Dublin – National University of Ireland, Dublin”

Why choose University College Dublin?
Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved within UCD and UCD International. Please see below for information on the different ways of getting involved.

The UCD Peer Mentoring Programme is organised and managed by the Student Advisers Network and the Student Engagement Officer for the BA.

Peer mentoring provides the chance for Stage 1 incoming students to ask a current Stage 2 or 3 student (mentor) any questions they may have regarding student life and to find out more information about UCD. Mentors play a crucial role in assisting the incoming students’ involvement in events during Orientation Week and providing further information and guidance throughout the academic year through individual/group meetings, informal group events, and via e-mail and phone.

Peer Exchange Advisers are UCD students who have studied abroad. They offer information and advice to students interested in going on exchange.

English Language Courses

The ALC is located on the first floor of the Daedalus Building at the heart of the UCD Belfield campus. The UCD ALC was the first customised language centre in an Irish University. The ALC now provides an excellent range of high-quality facilities for language learners and teachers. The ALC has a university-wide remit to provide teaching, self-study, testing and advisory services across UCD and to the wider national and international community.

The UCD Applied Language Centre provides a range of English Language Modules for Erasmus, non-EU/ Exchange and full time international undergraduate and graduate students. Modules include English for General Purposes, Academic Purposes, Academic Writing and Presentation Skills. Students wishing to take these modules must take a placement test and must have 5 available credits to take these modules.


Each course has an EU and a non-EU fee. Note that holding an EU passport doesn’t automatically make you eligible for EU fees and vice-versa. To find out more about what fees you’ll need to pay visit one of these pages:

Campus Tours

Campus tour information for prospective students interested in studying in UCD. Find out the time and locations of tours, and how to book a campus tour.

Prospective students interested in studying at UCD can avail of a Campus Tour in order to gain an insight into the layout of Belfield and to get a feel for campus life at UCD.

A number of locations are visited throughout the tour, including:

UCD Quinn School of Business; UCD Engineering & Material Sciences Centre; UCD Veterinary Sciences Centre; UCD Student Centre;  O’Reilly Hall; The Lake; Newman Building; Gerard Manley Hopkins Centre and the Global Lounge; and the James Joyce Library.

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