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Niamh’s passion is programming a better future at Murdoch

At a young age, Niamh Wilson discovered her love of computer programming. She is currently a computer science student at Murdoch.
Some people are fortunate enough to discover their passion while they are young. That love was computer programming for Niamh Wilson.

Since Year 5 of primary school, when one of my classmates entered the classroom bearing a certificate she had received from the Hour of Code, Niamh said, “I have been programming on and off.”

“I was immediately fascinated and understood that programming was what I wanted to do for a living”.

It gave me a sense of joy that has never been matched by anything else I have experienced. In her first year at Murdoch University, Niamh is pursuing a degree in information technology.

TAFE as a route to University

Niamh was anxious to learn everything she could about computer programming and acquire knowledge and expertise that would further her career, just like so many other people who were keen to pursue their aspirations.

She earned three certificates from TAFE, including a Certificate IV in Business from the Fremantle Education Center while still completing her Year 12 coursework. Niamh’s TAFE credentials served as her entry point into a computer science programme (a programme that is accessible to students even if they did not take the ATAR in high school).

Niamh stated, “I have always liked learning”.

All of these classes have given me enormous joy. I am aware that in order to learn, I need a supportive environment.

Students studying technology benefit from scholarships.

It has not gone unnoticed that Niamh is passionate and dedicated to studying computer science at Murdoch. She received the Westpac Young Technologist’s Scholarship in 2021, a $15,000 grant from the Westpac Scholars Trust intended to foster the growth of stronger leaders eager to use technology to bring about positive change.The fortunate students who win the scholarship exhibit an interest in learning about a future connected to technology and how it might change the world.

Niamh’s dream for making a difference is to develop an app that helps children with physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises.

“Hospital can be an incredibly scary place for a child and it is often difficult for a child to fully grasp the fact that these difficult and sometimes painful exercises are for their own good,” Niamh said.

“My plan is to use all that I’ve learned at university, and all the networking contacts I make, to create this app that will help motivate these children and gamify the process of rehabilitation.”

Make computer science your career by converting your pastime.

Murdoch offers a range of degrees to assist you pursue further education while turning your interests, passions, and pastimes into a job. Niamh claimed that she had already decided on Murdoch as her college of choice because it is one of the few institutions to offer a major specifically in software development.

With Niamh’s degree, she could work in a wide range of computer science fields, such as software development, cybersecurity, systems analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Niamh is therefore close to realising her goal of working as a programmer full-time.


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