Glasgow Calendonian University


Glasgow Caledonian University has become one of the largest universities in Scotland with nearly 17,000 students. The campus is self–contained and situated right in the heart of the lively city of Glasgow.

The University is made up of three academic schools – School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow School for Business and Society, and School of Engineering and Built Environment. Glasgow School for Business and Society has a fine reputation for developing innovative programmes in areas such as Risk Management, E-Business and International Fashion Marketing. Our schools contain state-of-the-art laboratories and a number of renowned centres of excellence.

Why choose Glasgow Caledonian University?

If joining Glasgow Caledonian University means living away from home, you can either apply for a place in Caledonian Court – our on-campus residences – or you can rent accommodation in Glasgow from a private landlord. Our dedicated Student Accommodation Office will help you find the perfect home from home.

University Accommodation

Set in landscaped grounds across the road from the university, Caledonian Court provides safe, friendly and well-equipped accommodation for 660 students.

Private Sector

If you’d prefer to live off campus, we can help to find the right accommodation for you, and your family if needed, in and around Glasgow

Student support

Glasgow Caledonian University has been rated Scotland’s best international student support in the summer 2013 wave of the International Student Barometer, which looks at all aspects of life and study at universities across the UK.

Not only this, but we have also been rated 1st in Scotland for visa advice in the very same survey.

Excellent student support

We provide support and advice for all international students. ISSS provide Visa & Immigration Advice (we are the only qualified team at GCU do offer this), process visa applications, including Tier 4 Student Visas and extensions and offer support for all personal enquiries.

Entry Requirements
Pre-sessional programmes

Pre-sessional English courses are short, intensive English language preparation courses for students who have been accepted onto an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Glasgow Caledonian University and wish to improve their English language skills quickly.


Tuition fees at Glasgow Caledonian University include all tuition, library, examination and administrative costs.

For overseas students, annual tuition fees for 2014/2015 vary from £10,200 – £14,500. Depending on your choice of study programme,

How to Apply


The easiest way to apply for a postgraduate programme is using our online application form. This form is simple to complete and allows you to upload additional documentation to support your application.

At peak times the university receives an exceptionally high volume of applications and enquiries, we will make every effort to respond to applicants as soon as possible.

Please note that it may take slightly longer than usual to respond to your enquiry or provide an initial decision on your application.

Please include the following documentation along with your application to ensure we can process your application without delay:

  • Copies of any relevant academic qualifications you hold and any you are currently studying towards
  • A copy of your passport (for international applicants only)
  • Two letters of reference provided on headed paper (one academic and one employer)

Glasgow Caledonian University attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds, from local school leavers to PhD students from all over the world. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, modern and effective learning environment for all of our students.

Our strong commitment to increasing access to study and lifelong learning is illustrated by the fact that we have over 4,000 mature students and the largest number of part-time students in Scotland. If you choose to study at Glasgow Caledonian University, you will benefit from the university’s worldwide profile and have the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the many international students who are studying with us.

Our international students come from over 100 different countries throughout the world and bring with them a diversity and enthusiasm which undoubtedly enriches the Caledonian experience for everyone.


Glasgow Caledonian University has a well established reputation for providing high-quality teaching, learning and research which dates back throughout its founding institutions to 1875. All of our programmes are designed to offer students an effective combination of academic study and practical experience. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills essential for future career development, such as computing, foreign languages and communication skills.


We offer a wide range of programmes, all of which have a strong focus on ensuring that our graduates have the opportunity to enter a successful career in their chosen discipline. This strong careers focus is illustrated by the fact that the vast majority of Caledonian students looking for employment found a job or went on to further study within six months of graduation.


At Glasgow Caledonian University we have succeeded in building up strong links with industry over the years and many of the companies we deal with are world leaders in their field. These relationships benefit the university and our students in many ways. Not only do these companies employ our graduates and take student placements, they also work closely with the university on research and consultancy projects and have a strong input into the design and structure of our programmes.


Caledonian University is rightly regarded as an extremely welcoming and friendly place in which to study. You’ll be on first-name terms with your lecturers and will benefit from our small class sizes and working on group projects with your fellow students. In addition to this, the university operates an open-door policy where students can drop in to talk with academics or support staff without an appointment.
Glasgow Caledonian University is committed to maintaining a culture and environment which is inclusive of all sections of society and responsive to the needs of individuals. Resulting in staff, students and other stakeholders who are free from any form of discrimination in respect of all their dealings with Glasgow Caledonian University, enabling them to participate fully in all aspects of University life and make a valuable contribution to the success of the institution.”


Glasgow Caledonian University is committed to maintaining a culture and environment which is inclusive of all sections of society and responsive to the needs of individuals. Resulting in staff, students and other stakeholders who are free from any form of discrimination in respect of all their dealings with Glasgow Caledonian University, enabling them to participate fully in all aspects of University life and make a valuable contribution to the success of the institution.

The University is committed to the principles of promoting equality of opportunity through eliminating discrimination and disadvantage, and recognising the benefits of diversity. The University aims to ensure that:

  • All potential and current staff, students and other stakeholders are treated fairly, and are not discriminated against on grounds of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation, socio-economic background, trade union membership, family circumstances, or any other irrelevant distinction.
  • An inclusive and supportive environment is created for staff, students and others associated with its work, that truly recognises and values staff and student diversity, and promotes good relations between different groups.
  • A shared awareness, understanding and commitment to equality and diversity is developed to enable all staff and students to act in accordance with this statement, so that equality and diversity can effectively be mainstreamed into the core of all University functions.

Our vision is to be a successful international university delivering access and excellence, with a strong commitment to the common good.


Our mission as a University is to provide an outstanding inclusive learning environment underpinned by curiosity driven research allowing us to:

share our knowledge and expertise

work in partnership with business, the professions and the public sector

create successful global graduates and citizens and deliver economic and social benefit for the communities we serve.

Our University is value-oriented and goal-directed.


Glasgow Caledonian University is home to a vibrant research community spread across our three Academic Schools and three Research Institutes.

  • Glasgow School for Business and Society
  • School of Engineering and Built Environment
  • School of Health and Life Sciences

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