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Middlesex was established as a University in 1992. It is now widely regarded as an excellent international provider of higher education with an outstanding academic credential and highly employable and successful graduates.

The history of Middlesex University began in the late 1880s, when two educational institutions opened their doors in north London – St Katherine’s College and the Hornsey School of Arts and Crafts. Both would become part of Middlesex Polytechnic, which was founded in 1973. Middlesex was awarded the title ‘University’ – by Royal Assent – in 1992.

Why choose Middlesex University Dubai?
Course Overview

The Middlesex University Dubai International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a 120 credit pre-university course providing students with academic skills required for entry into one of our Undergraduate programmes. IFP help students to transition from high school to university by encouraging independent learning, utilising academic conventions and fostering a learner- centred environment in which students become actively involved in their own education. The modules, studied over 24 weeks, prepare students to join the degree of their choice with skills and confidence required to succeed at Middlesex University.

Special Features
  • Automatic Progression to a Middlesex Dubai undergraduate programme upon successful completion of IFP
  • Comprehensive academic support
  • Language Development classes
  • Online support from local and London tutors
  • Specialist subject lecturers
  • Improved academic and language skills
  • Orientation to Middlesex University Dubai culture
  • Knowledge of faculty and students on future degree Programme
  • Understanding of Learner Autonomy

Tuition Fees for ‘new students’ are subject to review each year. The below table shows tuition fees effective from January 2014 for NEW enrolling students only.

Tuition Fees are determined by the study level and the number of modules chosen along with the applicable payment plan. Tuition fees cover the normal cost of tuition at the University including application, enrolment, curriculum delivery, examinations (first-attempt) and access to common learning facilities and student online systems.

Tuition Fees for International Foundation Programme (IFP)
Name of Programme Number of Modules Tuition Fees Per Module Tuition Fees Total
International Foundation Programme (IFP) 4 AED 10,000 AED 40,000
Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programmes
Name of Programme Number of Modules Tuition Fees Per Module Tuition Fees per Year* Tuition Fees Total
All Undergraduate Programmes 12 AED 12,500 AED 50,000 AED 150,000

* Fees for full-time enrolment i.e. 4 modules per year. Students who wish to enrol for more than 4 modules must get special permission from their Programme Coordinators and pay for the additional module(s).

How to apply

Candidates who wish to study at Middlesex University Dubai should complete an Application Form and send it to our Admissions Office. Click here to download a PDF form or click here to submit an online application

If you are an International Student you may wish to contact our Overseas Regional Offices. They have a full understanding of your qualifications and years of experience of guiding students from your country through the Middlesex application processes. You will receive a personalised service, offering advice on all details of your application, applying for a visa, choosing a programme and advice on living in Dubai. Contact details for our Overseas Regional Offices are available here.

What Happens Next?
Offer of Admission

Once we have received your application form along with the required documents, our Admissions Office will make an assessment and issue an Offer of Admission. The Offer Letter is normally issued in duplicate and can be collected from our campus (recommended), sent to you via mail or sent to your Overseas Regional Office, as appropriate. Your Offer Letter will normally be generated within seven (7) days from receiving your application form along with all required documents.

Once you have received your Offer of Admission (congratulations!), please review the letter carefully. It will outline the programme you have been admitted into, the start date, tuition fees application and key information about orientation and induction. The Offer Letter will also include information on any academic conditions or documentation conditions which you may need to satisfy before registration. Our Admissions Office can provide you with further information and guidance with this. To accept our Offer of Admission you need to sign your Offer Letter and return it to the Admissions Office within the deadline provided.

Apply for Student Visa

If you require a Middlesex University sponsored Student Visa, please contact our Admissions Office who will assist you with Student Visa formalities. For detailed information on Student Visas Services available please click here.

Entry Requirements

Middlesex University Dubai’s admissions policies are based on the principle of wider participation – MDX believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a University degree. Middlesex does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, or national or ethnic origin in admitting students to its programmes.

All students who are interested in a programme of study at Middlesex University are required to meet our academic requirements and English language requirements.

International Foundation Programme Entry Requirements
Undergraduate Programmes Entry Requirements
Postgraduate Programmes Entry Requirements

Key dates in Middlesex history:

  • 1878 St Katherine’s College opens in Tottenham and is in use for more than a century
  • 1882 Hornsey School of Arts and Crafts founded
  • 1901 Ponders End Technical Institute (still the home of the University’s Social Sciences programmes) begins
  • 1939 Hendon Technical Institute opens in the Burroughs, Hendon. The University’s most popular campus – much rejuvenated – continues to operate here
  • 1947 Trent Park College of Education opens to train necessary teachers in the post-war period. Teachers are still trained on the Trent Park Campus
  • 1962 New College of Speech and Drama opens
  • 2005 Middlesex University opens it’s first overseas campus in Dubai, U.A.E.
  • International Foundation Programme
  • Undergraduate Studies
    • Media and Communications
    • School of Health and Education
    • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Business and Management
    • Marketing
    • Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Postgraduate Studies
    • MBA with specialisations (Business Excellence, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, General)
    • MA Human Resource Management (CIPD accredited)
    • MA Marketing Communications
    • MSc in Applied Psychology
    • MSc Computer Network Management
    • MSc Project Management
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE)

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