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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai, located in the heart of the impressive Dubai International Academic City. Established in 2007, we are a Dubai campus of Murdoch University, one of Australia’s most impressive emerging universities. Our home campus in Perth, Western Australia, has more than 22,000 students and 2,500 staff from across almost 100 different countries, studying in over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses or majors, ranging from Veterinary Science to Business to Philosophy. Murdoch has earned an international reputation for its teaching and research over the past 35 years, as it has grown and matured. In 2013, Murdoch stands at 57th in the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top 100 universities under 50 years old , the 6th highest of the 13 Australian universities included in the top 100, evidence of our commitment to exceptional teaching and learning for students and of our high-quality, high-impact research.
The degree you will earn at Murdoch Dubai is identical in its rigour and content to that taught to students at all of Murdoch’s campuses, whether in Perth (South Street, Rockingham, and Peel campuses), Dubai, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. We take great pride in the way that Murdoch Dubai emphasises the student experience, quality teaching, a forward-thinking and dynamic curriculum, and a multicultural ethos. With over 500 students, taught by academics from 14 countries, this is a stimulating and vibrant place to learn. The facilities we offer to students in Dubai are second to none: cutting-edge technology, modern teaching spaces and committed student learning support, backed by a dedicated and globally-educated faculty.

Dr Max Sully, Dean and Academic President

Why choose Murdoch University Dubai?
On campus support

Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai has a range of facilities and services that provide a vibrant and supportive environment. Listed below are a number of services available to our students:

Student Visa

Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai sponsors residency visas through Dubai International Academic City for all students attending a course on campus. Residency visas are required for all International students and residents over the age of 18 who currently reside in Dubai.

Visa Sponsorship

If you require sponsorship from MUISCD for your student visa, you will need to fill up the application for Student Entry Permit, attaching relevant documents and paying the applicable fee. In order to make an application for a visa, students need the following:

  • Passport: four photocopies must be submitted with each application. The photocopies must include the front bio-page, any UAE residency visa pages and the parent’s information page (if applicable)
  • Passport Validity: your passport should be valid for more than six months for the visa to be processed otherwise your application will not be received by the government authorities.
  • 12 recent passport size photos: (4.3 cm x 5.5 cm) must be submitted with each application
  • Tuition receipt: a tuition receipt indicating that the student has paid tuition.
  • Undertaking letter -Duly filled and signed TECOM undertaking letter

Mandatory medical insurance unless students provide proof of existing medical insurance within the UAE

Pathway programs

If you do not meet the minimum entry requirements for our undergraduate programs then you may still be eligible to join our Murdoch Dubai Foundation Program! After successful completion of the MDFP you can gain direct entry into undergraduate study with Murdoch University in Dubai.

MDFP entry requirements:

The MDFP is a course for:

  • Students who have completed Year 11 or an equivalent level in another country by Australian standards. These students are required to take six units over two trimesters to qualify for entry into the undergraduate degree program at Murdoch University in Dubai.
  • Students who have completed the equivalent of Year 12 by Australian standards but do not meet the minimum academic requirements of Murdoch University In Dubai. These students are required to take a three units which can be completed in one trimester.
  • Mature Age students (19+), who do not have the requisite University entry qualifications, are required to take three units, which can be completed in one trimester contingent upon the extent and quality of their life and work experience.

English Proficiency Requirements

Course MDFP packaged with degree
Australian Year 11 or equivalent 50% pass in English
General Certification of Education
C6 grade in English or better
IELTS 5.5 
Minimum bands
Reading and Listening 5.5
Writing and Speaking 5.5
TOEFL Paper 550
TOEFL Computer 213

Students who do not meet the English Proficiency Requirements but have a minimum IELTS score of 4.0 or equivalent may join our English Preparation Program, which is an intensive English for Academic Purposes program designed to bring students up to an IELTS 6.0. Upon successful completion of this program, the student may enrol in the MDFP

How to apply

To apply for one of our programs you must submit all the required documentation outlined in the checklists below.

You can submit documentation via post, email, facsimile or in person. Please be aware that in order to gain a full offer you must meet our minimum entry requirements and all your original transcripts will need to be sighted by one of our Admissions Officers.

Please use the checklist below and submit all documentation before the relevant due date.

UG/MDFP Application Checklist:

  1. Complete the undergraduate application form.
  2. Submit all of your completed qualifications and the transcripts of your results.
  • This will help the university to properly assess your application.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  1. Enclose certified copies of your English test score (IELTS or TOEFL) if applicable.
  2. An application fee should be included along with the application. Applications sent without this fee will not be processed.
  • Undergraduate application fee – AED 250.*
  1. Submit two passport size photographs.
  2. Submit your passport copy with visa page.
Entry Requirements

At Murdoch we are about more than just helping you to graduate with good marks. We want you to value and enjoy your university experience. We have a reputation as an institution that works for our students. Whether it’s getting adjusted to your first year, creating a degree that is as unique as you are, you’ll find Murdoch friendly and flexible.

Important Visa Regulations:
  • Visas are only valid for one year and are renewable provided that the student is still enrolled in the Academic Institute for which the visa was initially issued. All students applying for a Dubai International Academic City student visa and are enrolled or have been admitted into an undergraduate program shall not exceed the age of 25. The only exceptions are those students enrolled in a post graduate program or graduate programs.
  • Only full time students can be granted a student visa.
  • All student visa application will be screened by the Student Hub of DIAC prior to dispatching them to the Dubai immigration.
  • Fees and turnaround times for granting student visas are subject to change from time to time by the Government authorities.
  • Security checks are expected for certain nationalities by the Ministry of Interior, timelines of which are not predictable by the university. During the security check process, students might exceed grace periods and/or overstay and are expected to pay overstay fines to the government; the university will not be held responsible as this process is beyond the university’s administrative control. Additionally, overstay fines cannot be waived off.
  • For student visa renewal, the same documents submitted for the initial student visa application has to be resubmitted gain for approval, a medical check-up is to be done, and security checks are possible, therefore students are advised to apply for their visa renewal well in advance of their visa expiry date or request an urgent or express visa renewal.
  • All students who require university sponsorship must also enrol in the university’s medical insurance policy or else provide proof of existing medical insurance within the UAE.
  • All sponsored students must apply for the Emirates ID card.
  • Students on a residency permit are not permitted to work for any employer within or outside the TECOM zone.
  • All students on Dubai International Academic City visas must attend an International Student Orientation day that will be held in September.
  • Sponsored students must check this webpage frequently for periodic updates, and/or contact the Student Affairs Department or HR department directly for queries or assistance.
Student Transportation

Murdoch University provides transportation for students. We have a bus service operating from different locations in and around Dubai. For more information please contact the Admissions and Student Services Staff.

Important transportation regulations:
  • Transportation Fees can be paid via Cash, Cheque or by Credit Card.
  • The fees must be paid in advance along with the tuition fee for the semester/trimester, before the end of 2nd week from the semester commencement date.
  • In cases of temporary or permanent discontinuation of transportation usage by any student, the transportation fee is not refundable*
  • One way use of the transportation facility is calculated as half of the semester/trimester fee.
  • The transportation service can only be availed during the study/ assessment weeks; it cannot be availed during study breaks or for personal use.

Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai also collaborates with its corporate members to offer internship programmes, which provides an opportunity for students to interact and network with our member companies. We aim to provide vital industry linkages and channels for our students in their career advancement process and to provide support for our corporate members and other organizations who are interested in the recruitment of well-qualified job candidates. In addition, the Internship Training Programme aims to provide practical training for our students in industrial and commercial environments.

Academic/Personal Counseling

The University offers a free counseling service to all students enrolled at Murdoch. The Counseling Service provides free and confidential counseling support to assist students at Murdoch University is addressing academic and personal difficulties impacting upon their well-being and ability to study. Experienced professional counselors are available to assist with personal, relationship and study-related problems. Anxiety, depression, study/exam stress, lack of confidence or motivation, grief and other personal issues are some of the problems people commonly seek help with. Confidentiality is assured.

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