Richmond University London


We provide you with an education which encourages you to explore a wide range of subjects and programs. It is designed to allow the discovery of the connections between different academic areas such as literature, science, mathematics, writing, business, psychology and sociology. It is a broad based education, an ideal preparation for a range of careers.

Why choose Richmond University London?
Richmond Shared Value
  • Freedom of thought and expression: We believe it is the purpose of the university to discuss, critique, debate and educate in an open and positive manner.
  • Inclusiveness: We aspire to include all people and opinions in the life of the university.
  • Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of all members of the university community.
  • Professionalism and integrity: We aim to be effective, efficient and ethical in all aspects of our work.
  • Responsibility: We accept that our actions have impact on others and we aim to make a positive difference to the world around us through equitable engagement

The Student Charter is our commitment to you as a student.

Richmond faculty and staff are committed to our students’ success and by working in partnership we believe we can help each student reach his/her potential.

This student charter sets out expectations of both the student and the University to ensure that each is working together to make the most of the Richmond University experience.

The document contains: our learning experience, personal and academic development, communicating and interacting with each other, respecting and valuing each other and being part of our community.

Download the Student Charter here.


Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Tuition and fees are set annually, in advance of the start of the academic year, by the Board of Trustees. The tuition fee will not change for the duration of the academic year. The official University document setting out tuition and fees can be found below.

Tuition, fees, and other charges are set and invoice in US dollars for students based in North America. All other students are invoiced in UK pounds sterling. Tuition and fees must be paid in the currency of invoicing which cannot be changed.

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees


The university is split between two campuses, both in the Greater London area: the Richmond campus, located near the crest of Richmond Hill and approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from Richmond station, and the Kensington campus, located at a point equidistant between Kensington High Street and Cromwell Road. The Richmond campus is the primary residence of undergraduate students, especially freshman who have just enrolled at the university; its facade is a major symbol of the school and appears on almost all promotional literature. The school’s headquarters and admissions department are also located here. The Kensington campus, in reality, is a closely grouped set of buildings rather than a campus. It is where many of the upper-level undergraduate students reside. Both campuses are reasonably close to London Underground stations and the Richmond campus is served by theLondon Buses 371 route. Access to the town of Kingston can be made using this route.

RAIUL main campus, Richmond


Institutions that have degree-awarding powers in the UK are known as “recognised bodies”. There are also “listed bodies” which do not have degree awarding powers but provide complete courses leading to recognized UK degrees, validated by institutions which have degree-awarding powers. The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills has Richmond University as a “listed body”. The degrees granted at Richmond are validated by the Open University Validation Services.

Richmond is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. Richmond is licensed to award Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master and PhD of Arts, and the Master of Business Administration degrees by the Department of Education in the State of Delaware. Its awards in the United Kingdom are overseen by the Open University, which is a recognised body.

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