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Welcome to Wilfrid Laurier University, a leading Canadian university known for academic excellence and a culture that inspires lives of leadership and purpose. With more than 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Laurier has a distinct commitment to teaching, research and scholarship combined with a strong student focus, high levels of student satisfaction and a deep sense of community.HR Consultants

Laurier is a leader in integrated and engaged learning, connecting academic programming to co-curricular activities. The university specializes in arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, science, social work, education and theology.

Laurier has campuses in Waterloo and Brantford, as well as locations in Kitchener, Toronto and Chongqing, China. The university was established as the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada in 1911 and remains the home of the affiliated Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. The university is also home to the internationally acclaimed Penderecki String Quartet, WLU Press and the Robert Langen Art Gallery. Wilfrid Laurier University has been the host institution for the Academic Council on the United Nations System secretariat since 2003, with offices located at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, part of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) Campus.

Why choose Wilfrid Laurier University?
English Proficiency

Students attending Laurier must have excellent proficiency in the English language to benefit from university instruction.

If your first language is not English, you’ll be required to submit acceptable evidence of your English proficiency to our International Recruitment and Admissions office (address below). Normally, evidence of English proficiency is an acceptable score on one of the following tests (see exemptions below). You must make your own arrangements to write the test and have the results forwarded directly to our office.

Students who do not meet our English language requirements can choose to pursue an intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program offered by one of our education partners or our Laurier English and Academic Foundation (LEAF) program. We’ll provide conditional offers of admission to academically qualified students who are completing an English language certificate program at one of our ESL partners or through LEAF.


Some testing centres may require our institution code. Laurier’s code is 0893.

The following testing results apply to all of our programs except our double-degree programs with the University of Waterloo (BBA/BMath and BBA/BCS). Testing results for these 2 double-degree programs are listed afterward.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Internet-based testing: an overall score of 83 or higher with a minimum score of 20 in each component.
  • Paper-based testing: 560 or higher.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • An academic score of 6.5 or higher.
Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MELAB)
  • 85 overall or higher.
Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)
  • 70 overall or higher (each band 60 or higher).
Pearson Test of English Academic
  • 59 overall or higher.
How to apply

When you have chosen the program you want to apply to, and you are interested in applying to Laurier only, you can apply online through our International Application website. This option will allow you to apply for up to 3 Laurier programs.

Or, if you wish to apply to Laurier and other Ontario universities at the same time, you can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) using the 105F application form.


If you don’t meet Laurier’s English language proficiency requirements, you can apply to our LEAF program the same time you apply to a program.

If you’re applying to Laurier through our International Application website, check the “LEAF” option. If you’re applying through the OUAC website, download the LEAF application form and follow the instructions on the form.


We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to allow enough time for processing and for you to obtain your study permit. Please be advised that spaces in our LEAF program are limited.

Applications and copies of required documents for September (fall-term) entry should be received by May 1. If you are interested in January admission, check the OUAC website at the end of October for program and space availability.

Admission Requirements

Check to ensure your senior secondary school subjects include the prerequisite coursework required for your program of choice.

We will accept the higher of any repeated courses for admission.

  • Acceptable standing in a minimum of 6 subjects of which at least 3 must be at the higher level (HL).
  • Minimum overall total score required is 28, including 3 bonus points for extended essay.
  • All required courses must be at a minimum score of 4 unless otherwise noted.
  • Laurier will accept IB predicted grades for early admission consideration.
  • Transfer credit is considered up to a maximum of 6 classes (3.0 credits) for HL subjects with a minimum score of 5 as well as for the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay with a minimum grade of B in each, subject to the applicability of the program offered.
  • Applicants completing individual IB courses in conjunction with another educational system will be assessed on the basis of their entire academic record.
Required Documents

In order for us to assess your eligibility for admission, Laurier requires the following documentation. Do not wait until the deadline to submit your documents; the earlier we receive your documents, the earlier we can consider you for admission.

  • Transcripts: We require official transcripts, both in their original language and in English, from all of your previously attended secondary and post secondary schools.
    • Transcripts should be mailed directly to Laurier’s International Recruitment and Admissions office from the issuing institution.
    • If you are currently completing courses, send a transcript showing your course enrolment and grades to date as soon as you apply, and then an updated transcript at the end of your semester.
    • Transcripts must be up-to-date and bear the seal or stamp of the issuing institution.
    • If the original documents are written in a language other than English, you must provide notarized literal translations.
  • Proof of English proficiency: If your first language is not English, we require proof of English language proficiency.
    • If you do not meet our English-language requirements, you can apply to our LEAF program.
  • Course descriptions: We require detailed information about all of the postsecondary courses you have taken to assess your eligibility for transfer credits.

If you are currently not in full-time studies, or if there are gaps in your academic history, ensure you fully complete the “background information” section on the online application

Your admission assessment is based primarily on your academic transcripts. While we welcome documentation that tells us about your extracurricular activities, it is entirely your option to include this supplementary information with your transcripts.


If you have previously attended a post secondary institution and are seeking transfer credit, you must send official detailed course descriptions and outlines for all courses taken at the college/university. Acceptable types of course descriptions include:

  • A course calendar/catalogue from the university or college you attended.
  • A photocopy of the relevant pages from a course calendar/catalogue (please include a copy of the front cover).
  • The URL from the institution’s website that contains the course descriptions (the web address must indicate the name of the institution).
  • A faxed copy of any of the above.
  • A faxed or mailed copy of the course outlines (syllabi) sent directly from the institution in a sealed envelope.
  • An email attachment containing the course descriptions, sent directly from the institution.

The deadline to have all official, final documents to our International Recruitment and Admissions Office is Aug. 15 for a September (fall term) start, unless otherwise stated on your offer of admission letter.


Laurier’s Waterloo campus offers a broad range of full- and part-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs through seven faculties: Arts, Music, Science, Education, Social Work, Graduate Studies and the School of Business and Economics. Laurier’s highly regarded cooperative education program offers options in Arts, Science and Business.

Laurier’s Brantford campus is dedicated to innovative programming within the liberal arts. Its core interdisciplinary program in contemporary studies can be combined with a number of other programs including law and society, leadership, journalism, human rights and human diversity, and health studies. Laurier’s Brantford campus also offers concurrent BA/BEd degrees in conjunction with Nipissing University as well as consecutive and embedded college programs with Mohawk and Conestoga colleges.

Laurier offers doctoral and master’s programs, including the only master of music therapy program in Canada. Laurier’s innovative MBA programs include Canada’s first 12-month MBA, the largest part-time weekend MBA (based in Toronto), and an innovation and entrepreneurship MBA. Programs linked to the Balsillie School of International Affairs include Laurier’s master’s in international public policy and a PhD in global governance (joint with the University of Waterloo).


Laurier Toronto is located on the main floor of the Exchange Tower building at 130 King St. West, Toronto Ontario. Wilfrid Laurier University’s Toronto office supports co-op work placements and employer partnerships, student recruitment, alumni relations, university development activities and government relations.

The Toronto office also hosts a speaker series, Career Services workshops, GMAT Information Sessions, and events to connect Laurier alumni, friends and family in Toronto.

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