Study in Turkey – Dual Degree Program

Dual Degree Program


Kadir Has University and Coventry University Istanbul is a collaboration between two leading international universities Kadir Has University and Coventry University to deliver academic programs that prepare students for global careers.


The Kadir Has University and Coventry University programs will not only offer you the university experience, enabling you to access all the opportunities required by information society easily, but will also provide you with the perfect environment to discover your skills and become entrepreneurial, participative and creative individuals. At the end of your studies, you will comprehend how to operate on an international stage and to tackle problems transcending national boundaries.


Studying with us offers many advantages to students, particularly those who are interested in an integrated British experience:

  • The postgraduate programs provide you with two degrees upon successful completion – one from Kadir Has University and one from Coventry University.
  • Programs are taught at the Kadir Has University Cibali Campus, located in the heart of Istanbul – the business, cultural and educational centre of Turkey
  • You can choose to spend your final semester at Coventry University in the UK, completing your dissertation or internship* at either the Coventry Campus or the London Campus.
  • You can graduate in either Istanbul or Coventry. Coventry University graduations take place in the historic Coventry Cathedral, a beautiful and unique setting located next to the main university square
  • Academic programs are taught in English, and on completion, you  should achieve an IELTS score of 6.5 – a benchmark for an international career
  • You will be taught by highly-qualified academic staff from both Kadir Has University and Coventry University, allowing you to benefit from their combined knowledge and experience
Graduate Programs

The dual-award programs aim to enhance your business skills and employability whatever your chosen career. They combine the expertise and experience of academic staff from two modern, forward-thinking universities and we hope they will provide you with the skills and experience that you need to pursue the career that you want and deserve.

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