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Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree trains students to protect and improve the health of entire populations. Students learn how to tackle the challenging issues that affect communities, work with people across sectors, and educate the public about best health care practices.

With an MPH degree, you will be able to analyse data, influence public policy, study and monitor threats to public health, and/or conduct health research.

  • Focus: Emphasis on preparing for a career as a public health practitioner.
  • MPH programs: Community Health Promotion, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Maternal & Child Health, Public Health Administration & Policy, Public Health Data Science, and Public Health Nutrition.
  • Executive MPH programs: Public Health Administration & Policy and Public Health Practice.
  • Types of jobs: Community outreach coordinator, health educator, health engagement marketing manager, public policy coordinator, substance abuse counsellor, research coordinator, clinical dietician, healthcare administrator, epidemiologist, health educator, and environmental health scientist.
Universities We Offer
  • University of Manchester.
  • University of Glasgow.
  • Queen Mary University of London.
  • Newcastle University.
  • Brunel University London.
  • University of Bradford.
  • University of Birmingham.
  • University of Bristol.
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