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Master of Information Technology


Industries such as mining, engineering, law and commerce are desperately seeking IT professionals with advanced skills in the management of IT.

The degree typically includes coursework in both computer science and business skills, but the core curriculum might depend on the school and result in other degrees and specializations.

Study program

Our course will help you develop your practical understanding of IT management, IT change and IT development through a program of coursework, or coursework combined with a dissertation focusing on an area you choose.

Where do you want

By completing the MSc (IT) you will have covered the first component of the professional Doctor of Information Technology (DIT), and if you have undertaken a dissertation as part of your MSc (IT) it also enables you to move on to study for a PhD in Information Technology.

However, you can choose to exit at designated points to complete the Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, or the Postgraduate Diploma in Internetworking and Security, depending on your unit selection.

Passion to new level

Postgrad study is all about developing your passion further, a one-degree-fits-all approach just simply doesn’t work for everybody. 

We’re flexible about what and how you choose to study – and we employ great academic thinkers who care about helping you along your new path.

Entry Requirements

Recognised Bachelors degree in IT or higher, or equivalent training, or recognised Graduate Diploma in IT; or 3-year non-IT degree plus approved Diploma in IT; or recognised Postgraduate Diploma in IT; or any recognised non-IT Honours degree plus five or more years of relevant work experience.

English Language requirements
  • In order to gain admission to Murdoch University, students must satisfy Murdoch University English requirements by demonstrating competency in the English Language.

    Postgraduate Entry Requirements (pdf)

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