Study in Australia-Master of Research


  1. 2 years full time course Postgraduate/Research/Master-of-Research
  2. Next in-take is February, 2015
  3. No research proposal is required. However, a paragraph stating tentative area of research is required so that we know which academic to allocate.
  4. Students do not need to find supervisor.
  5. 1st year will have 8 subjects: 6 Advanced level subjects including 1 Research Communications subject and 1 Research Frontiers subject where candidates survey the key ground-breaking and innovative research issues in their field.
  6. 2nd year is complete research aiming to produce a Thesis (approx. 20,000 words) based on a research project.
  7. 574 Visa (Research visa).
  8. Students with study gap or matured professional are welcome beside fresh graduates with 60% or 3.0 GPA or above in a Bachelor degree or MS from Pakistan. Post Graduate Diploma/Master degree is preferable.
  9. Fees – Business & Arts topics: $26.5k/year, Science: $32k/year; Human Science: $30k/year.
  10. Business and Arts courses are even cheaper than coursework studies due to Govt. Scholarship.
  11. Students having 70% or 3.5 GPA or more (in Bachelor and/or Master) might have partial scholarship – $8k in 1 year and $16k in 2ndyear. This means 45% tuition fees waiver scholarship is possible; however such scholarship is limited and competitive. It will be evaluated along with admissions application form, so no separate Scholarship application is required.
  12. Need to have IELTS/TOEFL – The minimum requirement is 6.5 overall with minimum 6 in each band for most of the topics.
  13. Need to have final academic transcripts and degree completion certificate of Bachelor degree. No option of Conditional offer letter; the outcome would be either an Unconditional Offer letter or Rejection letter.
  14. Need up to date Resume and SOP/Cover Letter.
  15. All applications and supporting academic documents should be certified by your HR office and hard copies should be couriered to ‘Master of Research Admissions Team, HR Consultants Pvt. Limited – Official Representatives of Australian Government Universities in Pakistan.
  16. Last date of application to reach at our end is 21 August, 2014. All outcomes will be published by November 2014. Please note, this is a competitive selection process.
  17. Further information – submit above documents now to along with all documents for consideration and call you for an interview / counselling session in the offices throughout Pakistan.
  18. Application Form – will be submitted on the spot during the counselling – no consultancy fee or application fee is needed.

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